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Peer-reviewed comment
22 Oct 2013
Peer-reviewed comment |  | 22 Oct 2013

Comment on "Polynomial cointegration tests of anthropogenic impact on global warming" by Beenstock et al. (2012) – some hazards in econometric modelling of climate change

F. Pretis and D. F. Hendry

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Dynamics of the Earth system: models
Seasonal forecasting skill for the High Mountain Asia region in the Goddard Earth Observing System
Elias C. Massoud, Lauren Andrews, Rolf Reichle, Andrea Molod, Jongmin Park, Sophie Ruehr, and Manuela Girotto
Earth Syst. Dynam., 14, 147–171,,, 2023
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Assessing sensitivities of climate model weighting to multiple methods, variables, and domains in the south-central United States
Adrienne M. Wootten, Elias C. Massoud, Duane E. Waliser, and Huikyo Lee
Earth Syst. Dynam., 14, 121–145,,, 2023
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Global and northern-high-latitude net ecosystem production in the 21st century from CMIP6 experiments
Han Qiu, Dalei Hao, Yelu Zeng, Xuesong Zhang, and Min Chen
Earth Syst. Dynam., 14, 1–16,,, 2023
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Potential for bias in effective climate sensitivity from state-dependent energetic imbalance
Benjamin M. Sanderson and Maria Rugenstein
Earth Syst. Dynam., 13, 1715–1736,,, 2022
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Regional dynamical and statistical downscaling temperature, humidity and wind speed for the Beijing region under stratospheric aerosol injection geoengineering
Jun Wang, John C. Moore, Liyun Zhao, Chao Yue, and Zhenhua Di
Earth Syst. Dynam., 13, 1625–1640,,, 2022
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