Articles | Volume 7, issue 3
Earth Syst. Dynam., 7, 583–595, 2016
Earth Syst. Dynam., 7, 583–595, 2016

Research article 12 Jul 2016

Research article | 12 Jul 2016

Evidence of cosmic recurrent and lagged millennia-scale patterns and consequent forecasts: multi-scale responses of solar activity (SA) to planetary gravitational forcing (PGF)

Jorge Sánchez-Sesma

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The Earth’s climate system recurrent & multi-scale lagged responses: empirical law, evidence, consequent solar explanation of recent CO2 increases & preliminary analysis
Jorge Sánchez-Sesma
Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss.,,, 2016
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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This study, supported with detailed reconstructed solar records over last millennia, began to detect objectively patterns and recurrences in Solar activity. It is part of a process, in geosciences that began four centuries ago, when Newton removed the last doubts about the validity of the heliocentric model of the Solar System. It is intended to provide motivations to develop a more robust science of the Earth´s climate, centered not only in the geo or helio-proceses, but also in the cosmic ones
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