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04 Oct 2023
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Advancing the estimation of future climate impacts within the United States

Corinne Hartin, Erin E. McDuffie, Karen Noiva, Marcus Sarofim, Bryan Parthum, Jeremy Martinich, Sarah Barr, Jim Neumann, Jacqueline Willwerth, and Allen Fawcett

Model code and software

USEPA/FrEDI_NPD: Accepted Paper Corinne Hartin, Erin McDuffie

Chief editor
This study assesses climate impacts on the economy and society of the USA, using a model that can downscale impacts to regional scale. The findings are thus both scientifically and policy-relevant.
Short summary
This study utilizes a reduced-complexity model, Framework for Evaluating Damages and Impacts (FrEDI), to assess the impacts from climate change in the United States across 10 000 future probabilistic emission and socioeconomic projections. Climate-driven damages are largest for the health category, with the majority of damages in this category coming from the valuation estimates of premature mortality attributable to climate-driven changes in extreme temperature and air quality scenarios.
Final-revised paper