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13 Apr 2022
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 13 Apr 2022

Impact of bioenergy crop expansion on climate–carbon cycle feedbacks in overshoot scenarios

Irina Melnikova, Olivier Boucher, Patricia Cadule, Katsumasa Tanaka, Thomas Gasser, Tomohiro Hajima, Yann Quilcaille, Hideo Shiogama, Roland Séférian, Kaoru Tachiiri, Nicolas Vuichard, Tokuta Yokohata, and Philippe Ciais

Data sets

CMIP6 WCRP - World Climate Research Programme

SSP Database - Version 2.0 IIASA

LUH2 UoM - University of Maryland, Global Ecology Laboratory

Historical CO2 emissions from land-use and land-cover change and their uncertainty T. Gasser, L. Crepin, Y. Quilcaille, R. A. Houghton, P. Ciais, and M. Obersteiner

Video abstract

Impact of bioenergy crops expansion on climate-carbon cycle feedbacks in overshoot scenarios Irina Melnikova

Short summary
The deployment of bioenergy crops for capturing carbon from the atmosphere facilitates global warming mitigation via generating negative CO2 emissions. Here, we explored the consequences of large-scale energy crops deployment on the land carbon cycle. The land-use change for energy crops leads to carbon emissions and loss of future potential increase in carbon uptake by natural ecosystems. This impact should be taken into account by the modeling teams and accounted for in mitigation policies.
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