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24 Apr 2024
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 24 Apr 2024

The perfect storm? Co-occurring climate extremes in East Africa

Derrick Muheki, Axel A. J. Deijns, Emanuele Bevacqua, Gabriele Messori, Jakob Zscheischler, and Wim Thiery

Data sets

Age-dependent extreme event exposure - data accompanying journal publication Wim Thiery et al.

Model code and software

concurrent_climate_extremes_in_east_africa Derrick Muheki et al.

VUB-HYDR/co_occurring_climate_extremes_in_east_africa Derrick Muheki et al.

Chief editor
Extremes are of utmost importance due to their impacts on life and livelihoods or people. Also Africa is a relatively less studied region but where people are also strongly affected by extremes and thus are very vulnerable. This study uses a systematic approach to examine concurrent extremes.
Short summary
Climate change affects the interaction, dependence, and joint occurrence of climate extremes. Here we investigate the joint occurrence of pairs of river floods, droughts, heatwaves, crop failures, wildfires, and tropical cyclones in East Africa under past and future climate conditions. Our results show that, across all future warming scenarios, the frequency and spatial extent of these co-occurring extremes will increase in this region, particularly in areas close to the Nile and Congo rivers.
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