Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Research article
22 Apr 2021
Research article |  | 22 Apr 2021

Large ensemble climate model simulations: introduction, overview, and future prospects for utilising multiple types of large ensemble

Nicola Maher, Sebastian Milinski, and Ralf Ludwig

Data sets

Canadian snow and sea ice: assessment of snow, sea ice, and related climate processes in Canada's Earth system model and climate-prediction system ( P. J. Kushner, L. R. Mudryk, W. Merryfield, J. T. Ambadan, A. Berg, A. Bichet, R. Brown, C. Derksen, S. J. Déry, A. Dirkson, G. Flato, C. G. Fletcher, J. C. Fyfe, N. Gillett, C. Haas, S. Howell, F. Laliberté, K. McCusker, M. Sigmond, R. Sospedra-Alfonso, N. F. Tandon, C. Thackeray, B. Tremblay, and F. W. Zwiers

Attribution of Extreme Events in Arctic Sea Ice Extent ( M. Kirchmeier-Young, F. Zwiers, and N. Gillett

Strength in Numbers: The Utility of Large Ensembles with Multiple Earth System Models ( C. Deser, F. Lehner, K. B. Rodgers, T. Ault, T. Delworth, P. DiNezio, A. Fiore, C. Frankignoul, J. Fyfe, D. Horton, J. E. Kay, R. Knutti, N. Lovenduski, J. Marotzke, K. McKinnon, S. Minobe, J. Randerson, J. Screen, I. Simpson, and A. Ting

The ClimEx Project: A 50-Member Ensemble of Climate Change Projections at 12-km Resolution over Europe and Northeastern North America with the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5) ( M. Leduc, A. Mailhot, A. Frigon, J.-L. Martel, R. Ludwig, G. B. Brietzke, M. Giguère, F. Brissette, R. Turcotte, M. Braun, and J. Scinocca