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22 Feb 2023
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 22 Feb 2023

Carbon dioxide removal via macroalgae open-ocean mariculture and sinking: an Earth system modeling study

Jiajun Wu, David P. Keller, and Andreas Oschlies

Data sets

Model codes and data for Carbon Dioxide Removal via Open-oceanMacroalgae Maricultureand Sinking: An Earth System Modeling Study J. Wu, D. Keller, and A. Oschlies

Model code and software

Code for MOS simulations in Wu et al., 2023 J. Wu

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Active measures of reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide are currently debated as an additional means to keep global warming below 1.5C due to slow progress on emissions cuts. This paper deals with this topic of carbon dioxide removal in the ocean and should be of wide interest.
Short summary
In this study we investigate an ocean-based carbon dioxide removal method: macroalgae open-ocean mariculture and sinking (MOS), which aims to cultivate seaweed in the open-ocean surface and to sink matured biomass quickly to the deep seafloor. Our results suggest that MOS has considerable potential as an ocean-based CDR method. However, MOS has inherent side effects on marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry, which will require careful evaluation beyond this first idealized modeling study.
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