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Research article
30 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 30 Aug 2022

Impact of an acceleration of ice sheet melting on monsoon systems

Alizée Chemison, Dimitri Defrance, Gilles Ramstein, and Cyril Caminade

Data sets

Simulation files to reproduce the paper "Impact of an acceleration of ice sheet melting on monsoon systems" A. Chemison, D. Defrance, G. Ramstein, and C. Caminade

ETCCDI Metric with an acceleration of ice sheets melting during the 21st century D. Defrance

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Rapid ice sheet and monsoon systems A. Chemison

Short summary
We study the impact of a rapid melting of the ice sheets on monsoon systems during the 21st century. The impact of a partial Antarctica melting is moderate. Conversely, Greenland melting slows down the oceanic Atlantic circulation and changes winds, temperature and pressure patterns, resulting in a southward shift of the tropical rain belt over Africa and America. The seasonality, duration and intensity of rainfall events are affected, with potential severe impacts on vulnerable populations.
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