Articles | Volume 13, issue 1
Research article
24 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 24 Jan 2022

Sensitivity of land–atmosphere coupling strength to changing atmospheric temperature and moisture over Europe

Lisa Jach, Thomas Schwitalla, Oliver Branch, Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, and Volker Wulfmeyer

Data sets

Near surface meteorological variables from 1979 to 2018 derived from bias-corrected reanalysis C3S

FPS LUCAS EUR-44 UHOH ECMWF-ERAINT WRF381 L. Jach, K. Warrach-Sagi, and V. Wulfmeyer

Short summary
The land surface can influence the occurrence of local rainfall through different feedback mechanisms. In Europe, this happens most frequently in summer. Here, we examine how differences in atmospheric temperature and moisture change where and how often the land surface can influence rainfall. The results show that the differences barely move the region of strong surface influence over Scandinavia and eastern Europe, but they can change the frequency of coupling events.
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