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Research article
17 Mar 2020
Research article |  | 17 Mar 2020

π-theorem generalization of the ice-age theory

Mikhail Y. Verbitsky and Michel Crucifix

Model code and software

Supplementary code and data to ESD paper "Π-theorem generalization of the ice-age theory" by Verbitsky, M. Y. and Crucifix, M. (Version 1.0) Verbitsky, M. Y., Crucifix, M., and Volobuev D. M.


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Short summary
Using the central theorem of dimensional analysis, the π theorem, we show that the relationship between the amplitude and duration of glacial cycles is governed by a property of scale invariance that does not depend on the physical nature of the underlying positive and negative feedbacks incorporated by the system. It thus turns out to be one of the most fundamental properties of the Pleistocene climate.
Final-revised paper