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07 Nov 2019
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 07 Nov 2019

Meeting climate targets by direct CO2 injections: what price would the ocean have to pay?

Fabian Reith, Wolfgang Koeve, David P. Keller, Julia Getzlaff, and Andreas Oschlies

Data sets

Model data used to generate the table and figures of this publication F. Reith, W. Koeve, D. P. Keller, J. Getzlaff, and A. Oschlies

Short summary
This modeling study is the first one to look at the suitability and collateral effects of direct CO2 injection into the deep ocean as a means to bridge the gap between CO2 emissions and climate impacts of an intermediate CO2 emission scenario and a temperature target on a millennium timescale, such as the 1.5 °C climate target of the Paris Agreement.
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