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23 Aug 2016
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 23 Aug 2016

Hemispherically asymmetric volcanic forcing of tropical hydroclimate during the last millennium

Christopher M. Colose, Allegra N. LeGrande, and Mathias Vuille

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ASYMMNH-Temperature VOLCN T Chris Colose

ASYMMSH-Temperature VOLCS T Chris Colose

ASYMMNH-Precipitation VOLCN P Chris Colose

ASYMMSH-Precipitation VOLCS P Chris Colose

Short summary
A band of intense rainfall exists near the equator known as the intertropical convergence zone, which can migrate in response to climate forcings. Here, we assess such migration in response to volcanic eruptions of varying spatial structure (Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, or an eruption fairly symmetric about the equator). We do this using model simulations of the last millennium and link results to energetic constraints and the imprint eruptions may leave behind in past records.
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