Articles | Volume 13, issue 4
Research article
11 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 11 Nov 2022

STITCHES: creating new scenarios of climate model output by stitching together pieces of existing simulations

Claudia Tebaldi, Abigail Snyder, and Kalyn Dorheim

Data sets

Generated data for STITCHES first publication: Tebaldi et al. A. Snyder, K. Dorheim, and C. Tebaldi

JGCRI/Tebaldi_etal_2022_ESD: metarepository for STITCHES scientific publication (1.0) A. Snyder A. and K. R. Dorheim

Model code and software

STITCHES v0.9.0 pre-release frozen software A. Snyder, K. Dorheim, and C. Tebaldi

Short summary
Impact modelers need many future scenarios to characterize the consequences of climate change. The climate modeling community cannot fully meet this need because of the computational cost of climate models. Emulators have fallen short of providing the entire range of inputs that modern impact models require. Our proposal, STITCHES, meets these demands in a comprehensive way and may thus support a fully integrated impact research effort and save resources for the climate modeling enterprise.
Final-revised paper