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26 Feb 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 26 Feb 2021

A dynamical systems characterization of atmospheric jet regimes

Gabriele Messori, Nili Harnik, Erica Madonna, Orli Lachmy, and Davide Faranda

Data sets

ERA-Interim data ECMWF

Two-layer QG model data O. Lachmy and N. Harnik

Model code and software

Dyn_Sys_Analysis_Matlab_Package D. Faranda

Short summary
Atmospheric jets are a key component of the climate system and of our everyday lives. Indeed, they affect human activities by influencing the weather in many mid-latitude regions. However, we still lack a complete understanding of their dynamical properties. In this study, we try to relate the understanding gained in idealized computer simulations of the jets to our knowledge from observations of the real atmosphere.
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