Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Research article
25 May 2020
Research article |  | 25 May 2020

Variability of surface climate in simulations of past and future

Kira Rehfeld, Raphaël Hébert, Juan M. Lora, Marcus Lofverstrom, and Chris M. Brierley

Data sets

CVDP | Climate Variability Diagnostics Package UCAR/NCAR

Past 2 Future insights from a contstantly varying past C. Brierley

Short summary
Under continued anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, it is likely that global mean surface temperature will continue to increase. Little is known about changes in climate variability. We analyze surface climate variability and compare it to mean change in colder- and warmer-than-present climate model simulations. In most locations, but not on subtropical land, simulated temperature variability up to decadal timescales decreases with mean temperature, and precipitation variability increases.
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