Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Earth Syst. Dynam., 11, 395–413, 2020

Special issue: Social dynamics and planetary boundaries in Earth system...

Earth Syst. Dynam., 11, 395–413, 2020

Research article 04 May 2020

Research article | 04 May 2020

Earth system modeling with endogenous and dynamic human societies: the copan:CORE open World–Earth modeling framework

Jonathan F. Donges et al.

Model code and software

pycopancore – Reference implementation of the copan:CORE World–Earth modeling framework J. Heitzig, J. F. Donges, W. Barfuss, P. Breitbach, J. Kassel, T. Kittel, T. Kolster, J. Kolb, F. Müller-Hansen, M. Wiedermann, and K. Zimmerer

Short summary
We present an open-source software framework for developing so-called world–Earth models that link physical, chemical and biological processes with social, economic and cultural processes to study the Earth system's future trajectories in the Anthropocene. Due to its modular structure, the software allows interdisciplinary studies of global change and sustainable development that combine stylized model components from Earth system science, climatology, economics, ecology and sociology.
Final-revised paper