The 8th EGU Leonardo Conference: From evaporation to precipitation: the atmospheric moisture transport
The 8th EGU Leonardo Conference: From evaporation to precipitation: the atmospheric moisture transport
Editor(s): L. Gimeno, V. Lucarini, F. Domínguez, J. Marengo, D. G. Miralles, R. Trigo, and S. M. Vicente Serrano
A detailed study of the transport of moisture from oceanic and terrestrial sources to the continents can provide both a better understanding of the observed changes in the hydrological cycle and some physical support to the results of projections of its future climates, which is a most important topic for changes in water cycle research.

Subtopics to be included (but not strictly limited to) are
  • global distribution of water vapour: evaporation and precipitation, water vapour flux and divergence, long-range transport of water vapour;
  • source-sink relationships: methods used to establish source-receptor relationships, analytical or box models, numerical water vapour tracers, physical water vapour tracers (isotopes);
  • global source and sink regions of moisture: oceanic sources, terrestrial sources;
  • extreme events: atmospheric rivers, evaporation hot spots, anomalies of moisture transport linked to drought periods;
  • low-level jets, warm pools, monsoons and their role in the transport of moisture;
  • the identification and characteristics of moisture sources within the scope of palaeoclimatic studies;
  • implications of climate change: changes in water vapour, changes in large-scale circulation related to moisture transport, changes in precipitation, aridity, and soil moisture.

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19 Feb 2021
Rankings of extreme and widespread dry and wet events in the Iberian Peninsula between 1901 and 2016
Margarida L. R. Liberato, Irene Montero, Célia Gouveia, Ana Russo, Alexandre M. Ramos, and Ricardo M. Trigo
Earth Syst. Dynam., 12, 197–210,,, 2021
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02 May 2019
Tracking the moisture transport from the Pacific towards Central and northern South America since the late 19th century
David Gallego, Ricardo García-Herrera, Francisco de Paula Gómez-Delgado, Paulina Ordoñez-Perez, and Pedro Ribera
Earth Syst. Dynam., 10, 319–331,,, 2019
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21 Feb 2019
The role of moisture transport for precipitation in the inter-annual and inter-daily fluctuations of the Arctic sea ice extension
Luis Gimeno-Sotelo, Raquel Nieto, Marta Vázquez, and Luis Gimeno
Earth Syst. Dynam., 10, 121–133,,, 2019
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18 Feb 2019
On the assessment of the moisture transport by the Great Plains low-level jet
Iago Algarra, Jorge Eiras-Barca, Gonzalo Miguez-Macho, Raquel Nieto, and Luis Gimeno
Earth Syst. Dynam., 10, 107–119,,, 2019
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01 Feb 2019
Climatological moisture sources for the Western North American Monsoon through a Lagrangian approach: their influence on precipitation intensity
Paulina Ordoñez, Raquel Nieto, Luis Gimeno, Pedro Ribera, David Gallego, Carlos Abraham Ochoa-Moya, and Arturo Ignacio Quintanar
Earth Syst. Dynam., 10, 59–72,,, 2019
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29 Jun 2018
Recent changes of relative humidity: regional connections with land and ocean processes
Sergio M. Vicente-Serrano, Raquel Nieto, Luis Gimeno, Cesar Azorin-Molina, Anita Drumond, Ahmed El Kenawy, Fernando Dominguez-Castro, Miquel Tomas-Burguera, and Marina Peña-Gallardo
Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 915–937,,, 2018
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23 May 2018
A new pattern of the moisture transport for precipitation related to the drastic decline in Arctic sea ice extent
Luis Gimeno-Sotelo, Raquel Nieto, Marta Vázquez, and Luis Gimeno
Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 611–625,,, 2018
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16 Mar 2018
Tracking an atmospheric river in a warmer climate: from water vapor to economic impacts
Francina Dominguez, Sandy Dall'erba, Shuyi Huang, Andre Avelino, Ali Mehran, Huancui Hu, Arthur Schmidt, Lawrence Schick, and Dennis Lettenmaier
Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 249–266,,, 2018
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26 Feb 2018
A new moisture tagging capability in the Weather Research and Forecasting model: formulation, validation and application to the 2014 Great Lake-effect snowstorm
Damián Insua-Costa and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho
Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 167–185,,, 2018
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22 Jan 2018
The concurrence of atmospheric rivers and explosive cyclogenesis in the North Atlantic and North Pacific basins
Jorge Eiras-Barca, Alexandre M. Ramos, Joaquim G. Pinto, Ricardo M. Trigo, Margarida L. R. Liberato, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho
Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 91–102,,, 2018
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22 Dec 2017
Evaluation of the moisture sources in two extreme landfalling atmospheric river events using an Eulerian WRF tracers tool
Jorge Eiras-Barca, Francina Dominguez, Huancui Hu, Daniel Garaboa-Paz, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho
Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 1247–1261,,, 2017
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26 Sep 2017
Climatology of Lyapunov exponents: the link between atmospheric rivers and large-scale mixing variability
Daniel Garaboa-Paz, Jorge Eiras-Barca, and Vicente Pérez-Muñuzuri
Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 865–873,,, 2017
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04 Aug 2017
A Lagrangian perspective of the hydrological cycle in the Congo River basin
Rogert Sorí, Raquel Nieto, Sergio M. Vicente-Serrano, Anita Drumond, and Luis Gimeno
Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 653–675,,, 2017
27 Apr 2017
Estimates of land and sea moisture contributions to the monsoonal rain over Kolkata, deduced based on isotopic analysis of rainwater
Shaakir Shabir Dar and Prosenjit Ghosh
Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 313–321,,, 2017
28 Feb 2017
Role of moisture transport for Central American precipitation
Ana María Durán-Quesada, Luis Gimeno, and Jorge Amador
Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 147–161,,, 2017
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